Broadly speaking, a white-label marketing agency is a firm that often partners with other marketing companies, providing white-label services so that the client firm can expand its offered services, take on more customers, and increase its overall profitability. Businesses large and small use white-label marketing services, including top brands like Google.

White-label digital marketing companies have become a modern digital marketing ecosystem staple. However, even though virtually everyone involved in the marketing scene has heard of a white-label marketing agency, many still wonder what these companies do and — perhaps more importantly — what benefits partnering with such an agency can provide.

If you want to know more about these services and how they can deliver value for your business, join us as we examine the question, “What is white-label digital marketing?” We’ll also reveal how you can identify the best white-label marketing agency for your needs to maximize your ROI.

What Are White-Label Services?

White-Label Marketing AgencyWhite-label services are provided by one company at the direction of another. The white-label marketing agency itself does not brand the services or content it creates but instead allows the purchasing company to apply its branding. As part of their service agreement, the client retains all rights to the white-label content once it has been delivered and paid off.

White-label services are commonly used in both the marketing and technology spaces. Organizations with no time, resources, or staff to generate content on their own often contract with a white-label marketing agency to expedite the process. Such an approach enables the client company to publish content by setting deadlines without rerouting in-house resources away from business-critical tasks.

Benefits of Using a White-label Agency

Now that we have recapped the white-label marketing meaning let’s shift focus to the advantages of hiring a firm that provides these types of services. By partnering with a white-label marketing agency, you can accomplish the following:

Save Time

The primary benefit of working with a white-label marketing agency is that it can save the client company a significant amount of time. When a business partners with a white-label firm, it will gain access to its team of experts, who can create captivating content, provide thorough responses to client requests, and quickly generate materials.

A white-label marketing agency can save a client company time in other ways. For instance, since the client business is not hiring new staff but is instead outsourcing its content creation, it can expedite its onboarding processes. Additionally, top white-label firms leverage complex automation tools to accelerate marketing content planning and creation processes.

Provide More Services

Working with a white-label marketing agency enables a business to expand its selection of services. In addition, many white-label marketing firms can serve as one-stop shops that provide numerous benefits. As such, forging even a single partnership with a white-label agency can allow a business to add multiple new service offers to its lineup, thereby enabling it to appeal to a broader range of prospective clients.

For instance, let’s say you manage a marketing agency specializing in pay-per-click campaign management. You also want to add SEO services and web design to your offered services, but you don’t have specialists.

In such a scenario, you could partner with a white-label marketing agency that provides both web design and SEO solutions and immediately begin offering them, all while contracting part or all of the work to the white-label provider.

Save Money

When forging an agreement with a white-label marketing agency, you can structure pricing to ensure that you generate a healthy profit when outsourcing services.

For example, let’s say that your white-label partner will generate SEO content at $80 per 1,000 words. This would enable you to set your SEO pricing at $120 per 1,000 words, ensuring you generate a $40 profit per every thousand words while incurring minimal overhead costs.

Using a white-label agency further reduces costs by minimizing the number of in-house staff you need to hire. Partnering with an experienced white-label firm can also lead to an improved ROI, as you can serve more clients and generate better content by utilizing the agency’s expertise.

Most white-label marketing agencies offer flexible pricing plans instead of fixed, upfront fees, which allows you to structure your agreement to keep your costs low and optimize profitability.

Services Provided by White-Label Marketing Agencies

There are many different services that a white-label marketing agency may offer. Some firms specialize in only one or two services, whereas others provide a more diverse array of support to marketing and technology companies. Top brands like Oyova strive to deliver optimal value to clients, providing a solid mix of services that includes:

white label marketing agency

Clients have the freedom to select the white-label services that align with their company’s needs. An Oyova partner can outsource a single service or any combination of those outlined above.

How to Choose a White-Label Marketing Agency

A white-label marketing agency’s work will represent your brand, so you must choose a white-label agency with an exceptional reputation. For example, Oyova has amassed a collection of excellent reviews on numerous third-party platforms, including Clutch.

In addition to reviewing past client feedback, you should verify that the white-label marketing agency you’re interested in can offer all of the services you’re looking for. Working with an all-in-one white-label firm is much simpler than juggling multiple partnerships.

Finally, consider working with a white-label agency on a smaller project before committing to a larger one. Doing so will allow you to see your new partner in action before you entrust them with high-value clients.

If you want to explore a partnership with Oyova, we invite you to connect with our team and check out our white-label development services.

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