How it felt to document UX patterns for B2B design system


Excerpt from ChatGPT respond regarding terminology

Components and patterns

Excerpt from ChatGPT respond about a complex filtering pattern

Helpful lists

List by ChatGPT what should I consider when designing a complex data table component
  • ChatGPT is definitely a time-saver. It performed well with terminology usage and common patterns. While for more complex cases it can save time by providing a solid starting point as well as generating “to-take-into-account” lists.
  • Great help for non-native speakers. This one is my favourite part. The text is well structured and consistent, which fits well to the documentation style. It simply removes all the unnecessary cognitive load that contributes nothing to the main task.
  • Helping with product’s complexity is not the strongest side of ChatGPT. Still, as it was mentioned earlier, it can be used to accelerate desk research as well as keep the focus by providing lists of use cases and other things to take into account.
  • Even though my initial assumption was that there were no place for ChatGPT in unification politics, it can actually be used to support your design proposals by providing quick meaningful replies. At least this may turn pro-AI folk on your side.

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