“Machine intelligence is the last invention that humanity will ever need to make.”

— Nick Bostrom, Swedish Philosopher

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Data research

Prompt: “share demographic data of people in the UK that travel abroad”

Competitor analysis

Prompt: “who are Booking.com’s 5 biggest competitors”

User testing and interview scripts

Prompt: “generate a user interview script for a travel booking app”

Summarising data

Prompt: “summarise this user interview [insert text]”

User personas

Prompt “generate 3 user personas for a travel booking app”

User flow

Prompt: “generate user flow for a travel booking app”

UX flaws

Prompt: “what are the biggest UX Flaws in travel booking apps”


Prompt: “how should a luxury travel landing page look?”


Prompt: “what three colours should I use for a luxury travel app?”

Design systems

Prompt: “generate documentation for a design system for a primary button. Include: anatomy, states and placement. Add a table with anatomy that shows tokens (size, font, colour) Add a table with the states like default, clicked, hover, active, focus, and disabled. Describe these states with design token (colour, font)

UI copy

Prompt: “reword this to sound friendly and approachable [insert text]”


Prompt: “generate 10 UX Design articles ideas for Medium”


Prompt: “write a Valentine’s day letter to my secret admirer”

BONUS: Coding

Within the design system conversation, I then added the prompt: “generate code samples”

“It’s important to note that ChatGPT is a tool, and its output should be used as a starting point for further refinement and editing, rather than being used directly in a final design.”

— ChatGPT

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