When you strive for an uninterrupted stream of loyal consumers and exponential business growth, eBay is a promising marketplace for dropshipping startups and SMBs. Moreover, dropshipping is gaining momentum thanks to low initial investment and a high potential for growth in the long run.

So, today our focus is to give you some good tips to boost your eBay marketplace sales.

Tip: 1 – Expanding To Multiple Suppliers

It’s a known fact that eBay follows strict dropshipping policies. Despite being a dropshipping business, you’re still responsible for the secure and safe delivery of your listed products within a given timeframe. Moreover, customer satisfaction becomes your priority to get positive reviews on eBay.

If you fall shorts on these fronts, eBay can remove or lower your listing in their search results. Therefore, the selection of your products and their right suppliers become daunting. Don’t do it if you have decided to start your online dropshipping business on eBay with one or two suppliers.

Instead, do intensive research and extensive communications with many suppliers to select multiple suppliers with numerous products. But, you may ask, why?

No.1 – When your prospects are searching for their intended product, they will get better results when you have multiple suppliers instead of just one.

No.2 – With multiple suppliers, you will have more products to show to your eBay store visitors, resulting in a high volume of sales in a single order.

No.3 – Multiple suppliers means you will have more warehouses, most probably in different locations, to serve your national and international shoppers.

No.4 – With multiple suppliers for a product, you can gain competitive advantages, including better shipping times and services.

Tip: 2 – Use Price Optimization Technique

Setting in eBay supports price optimization options. It means you must select the sales volume in percentage when your sales increase from the specified number of products per day or given period. Thus, you will observe increased prices in the given limits automatically.

Similarly, you can set the sales volume in percentage when your sales decrease from the specified number of products per day or given period. Thus, you will find a decline in prices in the given limits automatically.

This is the price optimization technique in your account on eBay. It is a great method to maximize your profit by balancing the best and the least-selling items. For instance, if your product is gaining momentum and your sales rise, the system automatically increases the price, leaving you to earn more profits for frequently selling items.

In the reverse condition, when your product stops selling or observes a steep sale decline, the system automatically decreases its selling price to remain competitive and gain an edge over low prices in the market.

Thus, eBay lets you decide when to increase or decrease the prices and by how much!

Tip: 3 – Add Expedited Shipping

Expedited shipping is a delivery method that ensures delivery at your doorstep faster than standard shipping options. For example, standard shipping used to take between 5 to 10 business days, depending on the supplier company. However, expedited shipping might deliver the products within 4 business days, and that attracts many who are aware of expedited shipping.

If you want to rank higher on eBay’s search engine, offering free shipping as your default shipping policy is essential. Now, eBay affords you to add the expedited shipping option under the hood of your standard (free) shipping policy.

To do so, you need to click on the link of “Standard Policy” on the “Business Policy” setting page in the “Account Setting” options. Now, scroll down to “Domestic Shipping” and select the “Service” option, where you’ll find the “Offer Additional Services” tab with a drop-down menu.

Here, you will select the “Expedited Shipping” option for 1-3 business days. Then, give it a value of $1.99 to $4.99.

With this, the ordering process will remain the same, but you will gain 100% profit when a buyer selects an expedited shipping option without extra expenses. Of course, your supplier should be ready for fast delivery when this option has been chosen. Thus, it may prove a creative method to increase your profit margin in your dropshipping business on eBay.

Tip: 4 – Grab Flash Deals To Slash Your Prices

We know shoppers love bargaining, and eBay provides it explicitly. So, on eBay, if you slash your price and set the lowest among your ultimate competitors, you will have higher chances to boost your sales.

Now, we will show you how to offer lower prices for your products without cutting your margin at all.

Many suppliers offer flash deals or daily deals on their products with big discounts, and sometimes it reaches up to 90% off! You can take advantage of such Flash Deals in your eBay listings.

For instance, AliExpress’s Flash Deals, Amazon’s Daily Deals, Banggood’s Flash Deals, Overstock’s Daily Deals, and Wayfair’s Flash Deals are excellent opportunities for you.

Tip: 5 – Use eBay’s GSP (Global Shipping Program)

International exposure to your eBay listing is mandatory if you want to increase your outreach because eBay has more than 60 million buyers worldwide. In due course, eBay runs a global shipping center, and you must be eligible for the same.

They require you to have your business location within the USA. And your seller rating should be above standard.

Bonus Tip – Use The Right Tools

Building and running a dropshipping business successfully demands the use of the right tools, and here I am going to acknowledge such tools briefly.

  • Dropshipping Automation Tools
  • Dropshipping Research Tools
  • Dropshipping Listing Tools
  • Dropshipping eBay Tools

Yes, eBay offers many useful tools for dropshipping merchants. For instance,

  • PriceFox
  • ShopMaster
  • DSM
  • BlackLister
  • DropshippingBeast
  • Avasam

If you are interested in diving deep, here is the list of tools for dropshipping.

At The End of The Day:

We have presented five (5) best tips to help you in your adventure on eBay with dropshipping business. We hope you may like them to read and implement in your ongoing or next dropshipping business and earn a decent profit.

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