In the past 5 years, legislators worldwide have been making big changes to keep up with the rapidly changing digital economy.

One of the most notable changes has been increasing the taxation of software products — making tax law even more complex for SaaS businesses because of its variation from state to state and country to country. 

Enter, Anrok. They’re on a mission to simplify the complex — and potentially costly — tax process for SaaS businesses and startups with an automated, end-to-end compliance solution.

Anrok was founded in 2020 to help fast-growing SaaS companies easily handle sales tax as they scale. Their platform has been in high demand in the SaaS community, and as a result, their business has exploded over the last 2 years. The intricacies of state-by-state and country-by-country tax rule “is something that companies really shouldn’t have to spend time thinking about,” said Halley Johnson, Head of Content Marketing at Anrok, “We’re able to take that fully off their plates.”

While their business was taking off, their custom-coded website was holding them back. Anrok’s co-founders had designed and built the website, but had to maintain it manually — not an efficient use of time for the company’s CEO and CTO.

Along with Halley, Devon Watts, Head of Marketing at Anrok, took on the task of relaunching the website. With this project, they knew they needed a new website that could keep up with their burgeoning success, as well as adapt and scale with their fast-growing business. 

An image of Anrok's new website, built in Webflow. The header reads; "The leading sales tax platform for SaaS platforms."
Anrok’s new Webflow website is more interactive, more SEO-friendly, and easier for their marketing team to keep up-to-date and responsive to customer feedback.
An image of Anrok's old website before their brand refresh.
Anrok’s old site was hand-coded and a lot more challenging to update.

Why Anrok chose Webflow

Devon and Halley both had experience using no-code tools and knew they wanted something they would be able to use without having to go through a technical team member for every site change.

A lot of their friends who ran marketing at early-stage companies had switched to Webflow from either hand-coded sites or WordPress, and that tipped the scale for Anrok. “Webflow rose to the top because of social proof — friends and colleagues who’ve been using it and raving about it,” said Devon. “I had heard a lot of good things about usability, and that there was more control over the design, but it was still accessible for a non-technical person.”

Designing and building Anrok’s new site

Having a beautiful and effective website was important to the Anrok team, so they tapped CollabWest to head up the design along with the brand identity. 

After deciding on Webflow as their new development platform, they turned to the Webflow Experts community to find the right developer to bring CollabWest’s design to life. For Devon and Halley, this access to a number of talented developers was a game changer. “There is a whole community of talent out there, ready and excited to do this kind of work,” said Devon. With a glowing recommendation from Webflow agency Edgar Allan, they discovered the talented web developer Galina Priampolsky

Not only was Galina able to execute the design, but she’s also maintained an ongoing relationship with Devon, Halley, and the Anrok team as an independent contractor. This means that Devon and Halley can call on her whenever they need expert help moving forward, and they don’t have the expense of staffing a full-time development team.

Colleen Brady, a recent winner at the 2022 Webflow Awards, also stepped in to build an Airtable integration to help the team port their content into Webflow in an organized way. “Colleen helped us clean up our content library, structure it, and automatically send it over to Webflow,” said Halley. “Now, we can actually stage pages and changes in Airtable and send them to Webflow, which has been really awesome.”

Taking ownership of the site with Webflow’s resources

As the new site was handed over to them, Devon and Halley turned to Webflow’s learning resources to get comfortable with the platform. “Webflow University content is amazing,” said Halley. “It’s well organized and feels fun to use, which is really hard to do when you’re learning how to use a software product.”

“Most of it is so intuitive that I don’t feel like we need a lot of support.”

-Devon Watts, Head of Marketing at Anrok

“Most of it is so intuitive that I don’t feel like we need a lot of support,” added Devon. “I can find what I’m looking for and make whatever change I need to make just based on poking around the interface.” Having prior experience with no-code tools helped, but both quickly were comfortable taking ownership over of the site.

When they needed to add more advanced functionality or tackle complex builds, Galina was a great resource. She was happy to either answer questions or do additional work on a project-by-project basis as the site grew. 

For product-specific questions, they were pleasantly surprised by the quick and helpful support they received from the Webflow support team. “That was a great experience and made me more confident that we can reach out quickly for issues that come up in the future,” said Halley.

Anrok built a new careers page for their site where it was easy to embed their jobs board.

How Webflow helps Anrok scale and stay agile

With their business rapidly growing, Anrok’s marketing team needed to unlock the ability to meet the demands of its audience while remaining agile. “I think experimentation is critical to our business right now,” said Devon. “The website, in my opinion, should be a living, breathing thing that is constantly being optimized.” 

For Devon and Halley, Webflow’s different collaboration features — along with the ease of editing and testing different elements — allowed them to move at the rapid pace necessary for a company in hypergrowth. “If it’s harder to make changes, we’re less likely to be experimental.” said Halley  “Webflow really helps us reach the ultimate purpose of this team, which is to support this fast-growing organization, to help our company grow, to get the word out, and to do that more effectively.”

“Webflow really helps us reach the ultimate purpose of this team, which is to support this fast-growing organization, to help our company grow, to get the word out, and to do that more effectively.”

-Halley Johnson, Content Marketing Lead at Anrok

Additionally, the new site solved a lot of the technical challenges they’d been facing. The old site had been plagued with technical SEO issues that stopped Google from successfully indexing their site. Every time they tried to solve it, they had to go through their CEO to troubleshoot. “It took such valuable time away from our company,” said Halley. “Those issues have gone away with the migration. Just switching to Webflow did actually directly solve the problem.”

Halley sees more and more opportunities to build advanced support for their marketing efforts into their new website, as well. She’s already started playing around with embedded calculators and interactive features that make the site more valuable to their customers. “It’s exciting to know that we have those possibilities,” she added.

Built-in revenue risk and sales tax exposure calculators educate potential customers about the value of Anrok’s services.

The sky’s the limit for Anrok

Anrok’s biggest task at the moment is getting their tool into the hands of SaaS companies who could benefit from their platform. With a marketing website built in Webflow, their team is armed with the tools they need to get in front of more customers and make changes and optimizations as they scale. “It doesn’t feel like anything is out of reach on Webflow,” said Devon.

With Webflow, the Anrok marketing team is able to quickly iterate on anything and everything on the site in a moment’s notice. According to Devon, “if traffic is high but conversion is low on a certain page, we can try moving the form to the top of the page instead of the bottom, optimizing our campaign’s performance with zero technical support.” 

“Monthly web traffic has more than doubled since the launch of our new site on Webflow, I feel like the sky’s the limit.”

-Devon Watts, Head of Marketing at Anrok

And that’s not all. The Anrok team’s been able to spin up full landing pages for campaigns like their Chargebee partnership in a matter of hours — not days. 

“This kind of fast execution and experimentation is critical to the success of any business at our stage, especially in the current economic environment. Being able to iterate and build on our site with minimal resources is huge,” said Devon. 

These efforts have resulted in quantifiable business impact. “Monthly web traffic has more than doubled since the launch of our new site on Webflow,” said Devon. “I do feel like the sky’s the limit.”

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