Colorwell is like having a painters mixing palette in Figma. Select your mixing color, and spin the color mixer to mix it in. Then, use or save the currently mixed color to your palette or Figma design.


The duotone effect is the use of two contrasting colors to create a dramatic and visually pleasing effect in designs. It helps to create a very trendy look. This plugin allows you to apply Duotone Effect Filter on images.


Gradients are simple visual styles that make UI more visually appealing. uiGradients helps you to add gradients to groups, text, and frames in a single click. Simply select the element to apply gradient and launch the plugin. You can choose from 350+ gradients to add to frames, groups, and texts.

uiGradients plugin for Figma

The tool is also available as web service.

Web version of uiGradients
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